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Kraft Suspense Theatre; The Sweet Taste of Vengeance; John Forsythe; Diana Hyland; Brazilian Carnivale

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Season 1, Episode #24

The Sweet Taste of Vengeance

Original Air Date - April 30, 1964

Setting/Time - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the present.


I have not seen this episode (although I know that RTV has aired this episode at least once in the past 2+ years). I have read three plot descriptions online - each one with a somewhat different description.

The story seems to involve a wealthy divorced American woman who travels to Brazil, while being followed by detectives sent by her ex-husband. The plot is complicated by a playboy that she meets in Brazil. The story takes place against the backdrop of the Brazilian "Carnivale" celebration.

The remaining details are disputed among the various reviews I have read. None of them explain where "vengeance" fits in to the story. Obviously, I will have to fill in more details if RTV ever broadcasts this episode again.

Frank Fenton enjoyed writing credits for this episode, having previously received writing credits for KST episodes "My Enemy, This Town" - 1.15 and "Name of the Game" - 1.10 as well as four episodes of KST spinoff Run For Your Life and Kraft Mystery Theatre's "Shadow of a Man." While I have seen several of these episodes, they have no common theme that would provide a clue as to the plot of this episode, unless Forsythe's character bears a resemblance to Jack Kelly's character in "Shadow" or "Name of the Game" - or unless this episode involves gambling or casinos.


John Forsythe plays a prominent role in the first of his two KST episodes.

Diana Hyland also played a prominent role (probably the ex-wife). She acted until her death in 1977 at the age of 41, just as her starring role in Eight is Enough was getting underway.

Jack Weston played (most likely) a detective in his second KST role, having acted previously in One Step Down - 1.06.

It is difficult to be certain which actors match which roles.

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