Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kraft Suspense Theatre; Museum TV; Once Upon a Savage Night

Commenter Nick Hall of the Zoom Boom has alerted us to the availability of Once Upon a Savage Night (# 1.21) on

Museum TV features four episodes of KST. There appears to be an intention for more episodes to appear in the future. You will have to look at the archive/search page to see what I mean.

The episodes appear in black and white (or possibly very faded color) for reasons that I do not know. The black and white appearance gives the episodes an air of more advanced age than the other episodes.

The episodes use the original Kraft Suspense Theatre title instead of the syndicated "Crisis" title that appears today on RTV and was used in the 1970's. The episodes appear with the original Kraft food commercials.

The episodes are even downloadable using RealPlayer or a similar program.

I have already fully reviewed three of the four episodes that appear at I provided only a speculative review of Once Upon a Savage Night because I had never seen it before. I will update that review shortly.

Museum TV features many other programs, including news and documentaries, that aired in past decades. There seems to be an emphasis on Chicago based programming.