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The Case Against Paul Ryker: Parts I and II; Kraft Suspense Theatre; Vera Miles; Peter Graves;

Season #1, Episodes ## 1 and 2
The Case Against Paul Ryker, Parts I and II

I have never seen this two-part episode, as it has not been broadcast on the RTV network during the recent syndication run. Check this post for speculation about episodes that have not aired recently.

Original air date - October 10, 1963, part I - October 17, 1963, part II


I will fill this part in if I ever actually see this episode.


This episode spun off a new series, Court Martial, that aired in 1965-1966.

Both parts of this episode were rebroadcast in February 1968 as a TV movie named Sergeant Ryker.


This episode is typical of KST. By checking the entry for this episode, you will find actors with decades of history in television and movies. Most of the actors in this episode starred from the early 1950's through the 1990's - in everything from Gunsmoke through Murder, She Wrote and much more.

Vera Miles played a major role in this episode. Her most famous role previously was in Psycho, where she played opposite John Gavin, another future KST actor. Her career spanned five decades.

Other notables included Lee Marvin in the title role and Peter Graves in his pre-Mission Impossible days. Graves' role probably contributed to the decision to rebroadcast this episode as a TV movie in 1968 (during the height of Mission Impossible's popularity).

Francis De Sales made two of his 4 KST appearances in this two-parter. Walter Brooke made two of his three KST appearances.

Star Trek connection

Don Marshall is the Star Trek actor in this episode, having played Mr. Boma on the episode entitled Galileo Seven.

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  1. This two-part episode is not included in the syndicated edition of "SUSPENSE THEATRE" (and "CRISIS") because it WAS converted into a theatrical release- originally intended for overseas distribution- in 1968, "Sergeant Ryker" {MCA later released the "movie" on VHS in the '80s}.

  2. See this episode @