Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kraft Suspense Theatre; Star Trek

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A fun sidenote to many of the episodes of Suspense Theatre is the Star Trek connection. Many of the Suspense Theatre episodes feature actors that later appeared on Star Trek, either as regulars or as prominent (and not so prominent) guest stars.

Some of the episodes feature three or four future Star Trek actors/actresses. I will identify these actors/actresses with each episode review.

Another connection exists with the 1956 movie, Forbidden Planet, which featured multiple Suspense Theatre actors/actresses.

Both of these connections become even more interesting when you remember that Suspense Theatre contained not a hint of science fiction. No robots, no time travel, no spaceships, no aliens.

Those of us that grew up in the 1970's watching reruns of classic Star Trek became accustomed to seeing each of the guest stars solely in his Star Trek role. It is surprising now for us to see these actors in other roles. Many of these actors (the guest stars as well) have become well known more for their Star Trek role than for anything else. Those guest stars that survive make frequent appearances at Star Trek conventions. Many of their other roles are forgotten, even though the Star Trek appearance was often only one of many, many roles in their long careers.

To the extent that there is a renewed interest in Suspense Theatre, modern viewers will gain a sense of proportion about the 1960's and will be reminded that Star Trek was not the only show from that era.

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