Saturday, July 24, 2010

Internet Movie Data Base ( updates info - Kraft Suspense Theatre; A Hero For Our Times; William Bramley, Victor French; Berkeley Harris

On June 14th, 2010, I posted my review of KST's A Hero For Our Times.

At that time, the IMDB database entry for that episode did not include the names of various guest stars, including William Bramley, Berkeley Harris, Victor French and David Lewis. While all of these actors played only supporting roles, all of those roles were crucial to the plot. Such roles included the murderer, the prosecutor, the defense attorney and the boss of the main character. All of these actors enjoyed substantial careers with numerous additional roles recognized by

At the time I wrote my review (June 14th) I had not seen "Hero" for almost two years. I noted the absence of Berkeley at
Berkeley Harris played the defense attorney. Despite having many speaking lines, his role is uncredited at Many of the cast listings are incomplete for KST. (I believe this is starting to change with the show's newfound popularity on RTV.) Harris also played in 2 other KST episodes, which are credited at

On July 1st, 2010, RTV broadcast "A Hero For Our Times" for the first time in almost two years. The next day, I updated my review to reflect Bramley, French and Lewis, all of whom I had either forgotten or did not recognize the first time I saw "Hero."

I noted on the update that IMDB had omitted all four actors. IMDB is the most widely used database for those seeking information on actors, movies and television episodes.

At some point since July 2nd, IMDB has updated its data base to include all four of those actors. That IMDB entry had sat incomplete and dormant for two years and one rebroadcast has resulted in an update. I do not know exactly how IMDB discovered the error, but I think it is safe to say that the IMDB update reflects, to some degree, increasing popularity and recognition of KST.

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