Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anne Francis, RIP; Kraft Suspense Theatre; The Machine that Played God; Forbidden Planet

It was reported yesterday that Anne Francis died on January 2 at the age of 80. She starred in Episode # 1.07 - The Machine that Played God. That episode was an indictment of the use of lie detectors in criminal investigations.

Ms. Francis constituted one of the many connections between KST and The Forbidden Planet. (The others include Leslie Nielsen, Jack Kelly, Richard Anderson, Warren Stevens and William Boyett.)

The Washington Post obituary (as well as Ms. Francis' Wikipedia entry) mentioned many of her roles, but did not mention her starring role in KST (much like many sources of information about famous performers who starred in KST).

Francis was the second KST/Forbidden Planet star to pass away in little more than a month, as Leslie Nielsen died on November 28th.

Anne Francis and Robby the Robot from a publicity photo for The Forbidden Planet - H/T insai.net

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